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Title: Fængslet - en institution bag tremmer
Authors: London, Blaabjerg, Brønd, i Dali, Thøgersen, Andersen
Advisor: Kirstein, Jan
Keywords: Prison, Punishment, institution
Examination Date: 20-Dec-2010
Issue Date: 23-Dec-2010
Abstract: This report deals with the historical appearance of the prison as well as its current superiority. Inspired by Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann, the prison and its inalterable appearance are analyzed through phases in a social, institutional and objective world. These phases, along with the institutional system creates a symbolic universe, in which this report; will be an item for reflection and discussion. This report is clarified through a historical account and through three theoretical comprehensions by Thomas Mathiesen, Émile Durkheim and Michel Foucault. The prisons current superiority is discussed through our own collected, empirical knowledge. We can hereby conclude that the prison today, appear reified, created, legitimized and maintained by human intentions and actions. Additional to this we conclude that the prison does not reduce criminality and therefore doesn’t fulfill one of its intended purposes
Subject: Thesis
Education: Samfundsfag / Social studies - not master thesis
Appears in Collections:Samfundsvidenskabelig basisrapporter / Social Science Basic Studies Projects

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